Out of the Blue

The Foundation established the “Out of the Blue Award” which recognizes the efforts of an individual or an organization for making a difference. The program titled “Out of the Blue” is simply recognition of the individual’s efforts, and an award that comes to them “out of the blue”, recognizing what is often an unrecognized accomplishment.

Recipients of the award include:

The University of Memphis 2010-2011 Men's Basketball Team for the Team's display of role model behavior, positive attitude, and each individual's demonstration of excellence in their personal conduct

ESPN's Howie Schwab for his years of tireless efforts, support, and dedication to all children

Football Hall of Famer, Ahmad Rashad, for his efforts, support, and advocacy for numerous children's charities

Ty Ritter and Project Child Save for their tireless efforts to locate and rescue abducted children and to increase public awareness of the evils of human trafficking

The Beach Boys for their support for our mission of helping children in need and "Saving Lives...Changing Lives...Through Music"

Brother Carl Hardwick for his unselfish desire to better his community and provide hope and a future for the youth of Hartford

Chief Robert Harrison and the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department for their desire to stop the cycle of hopelessness by providing inspiration to at-risk youths

Felice Duffy, an attorney whose support and advocacy for increasing the awareness of the role women and girls play in illegal gun and drug possession provided the organizationnecessary to produce the film, "The 5K Motion".