The 5K Motion: Hartford Premiere

The REACH Foundation is proud to be involved with The 5K Motion and it's last CT Premiere! Join us on Friday, April 25th at Goodwin College from 6pm-8pm for the viewing of The 5K Motion, a short film about girls' and women's roles in violent crime. This is the ideal event for Outreach Programs, Educators, Child & Young Women Advocates, Law Enforcement, Service Providers and all those looking to make their neighborhoods safer. Please feel free to share with anyone you think it might benefit. The program is FREE!

The 5K Motion film will be made available for public dissemination on April 25th along with materials that assist in using it as an outreach tool. In addition to the film viewing, there will also be presentations from those affected by gun violence.

We are looking for service providers to have a presence at the event, sponsors, or volunteers as well. Space for service providers is limited. If interested, contact Kelly Stuper at / (860) 676-1261.