Texarkana, AR


Mr. Wilson graduated from Arkansas High School in Texarkana and in 2004 and was given its Distinguished Alumni Award. Texarkana is the largest city (30,000) in its county and effectively functions as a “half city”; Texarkana, TX sits directly across State Line Avenue. Scholarships were originally awarded in 2000 and to date 15 graduating seniors have received awards with four of those completing a four-year course of study and two finishing a vocational program.

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The REACH Foundation offers an $8,000 scholarship to high school seniors who are planning to attend a 4-year college upon graduation. These scholarships are awarded in Farmington, Bristol, and Plainville, CT; Gideon, MO; and Texarkana, AR. Applicants must have shown leadership qualities and demonstrated a desire to become involved in school and community activities.  The scholarship is paid on a semester basis ($1,000 for each of eight semesters).

 With regret The REACH Foundation is suspending the awarding of this scholarship.