Shop With A Cop is a one-on-one experience designed to have uniformed officers spend a day with underprivileged children while socializing, shopping, and providing guidance during the holiday season. The children will shop for their family as well as a children’s organization from the community where the police officer serves. This unique shopping experience for the children is an opportunity that deters them for choosing a life of crime or violence. The participating children are identified by schools, youth organizations, and social services agencies.

We are excited to announce, we have teamed up with Target again for 2 Shop With A Cop dates! Target in Southington will host on December 9th and Target in Milford will be hosting on December 10th. Various local and state law enforcement officers will volunteer their time to give a child an unforgettable shopping experience. The event begins with a meet and greet dinner where the officer and children share a meal while getting to know each other. After spending time together, the children participate in a law enforcement procession with flashing lights and sirens to Target. At the store, the police officers help the children shop for themselves, their family, as well as a child from the community where the police officer serves.

Thank you  to all sponsors, police officers, donors, and volunteers who are making our 2014 Shop With A Cop possible!  It is with your support that we are able to make a difference in children’s lives.

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